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The Chill House Hostel

Our rating:

There are three words that sum up the main drawcards of Chill House, and they are “Location,” “Location,” and, lastly, “Location.” There aren’t too many cheaper options actually within the Old Walls of the Heroic City, but Chill House is definitely one;  snugly located as it is in the Plaza Fernandez de Madrid. And, to boot, the staff here are “chilled,” friendly, and funky. These two factors add up to great opportunities to have a good, old-fashioned party-party, Oppa backpacker style.

Our mums told us that if we don’t have something nice to say, say nothing. Well, we said nice things in the last paragraph, but we feel it would be remiss to you if we said nothing else here. Sorry, Mums. We feel it our duty to mention the not-so-generous distribution of toilet facilities at this House – a magnanimous two in all. Or the nozzle that dribbles out cold water – we’re helpfully informed that it’s a shower. There is a balcony and a TV room, although we found the proportions of these spaces could have been made to be a touch more commodious. Just like J-Lo and her mates, it can get loud, which is nice if you’re ready to cut loose, but not so exciting if you’re trying to catch a few sweaty winks of sleep on the cardboard-thin mattresses. We’re told that some of the rooms at this optimistically-named hostel have air-conditioning, too – though we must admit to finding ourselves left a little baffled by such a revelation.

Calle de la Tablada # 7-12, Centro



6-bed Dorm with ceiling fan: COP$ 18,000

10-bed Dorm with “air-con:” COP$ 22,000

5-bed Dorm with “air-con:” COP$ 24,000


Double private room: COP$ 150,000 (COP$100,000 for one person)

Four-person private room: COP$60,000 for two people or $COP 80,000 for four people.



Ceiling fans or air-conditioning.

Small kitchen.

Free coffee and lemonade during the day.

Lockers for smaller valuables (we advise you to bring your own padlock).

TV room and balcony.

Laundry service.


Free wifi.


gilesy hotel writing

Gilesy says: I feel bad about what I’m about to say, because all the members of staff I met were genuinely lovely people – relaxed, helpful, and actually pretty damn cool. It’s a pity that the hostel they work at has so many wrinkles it could iron out – I was suprised to find out that it’s relatively new, as it doesn’t particularly look like that. Still; it’s located in a beautiful plaza right in the middle of the old city, and would be a good choice for excitable backpackers not at all worried about creature comforts. Oh great. Now I’m an old fuddy-duddy.

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