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Bogotá is the strongly thumping heart and capital of Colombia, and it relishes this role. Art is everywhere; from the impressive grittiness of its graffiti, its many theatres and galleries, to its world-class museums such as the Gold, Botero, and National Museums. There are countless universities all over the city; one reason, perhaps, for the great steps forward Bogotá has been making recently.

This is a city of vibrant culture and broad contrasts; potentially overwhelming at first, but magical once it all comes together. Sail up Monserrate on a Bogotá tour, and witness a panaroma its founders could hardly have dreamed of. Bogotá’s colonial heritage is still on display in La Candelaria, the historical heart of the capital city, where fine museums, restaurants, grand churches, funky little bars and hostels are in abundance.

Compare this to Zona T; a glitzy area jam-packed with fancy-pants clubs, bars and shops all heaving with the city’s bright young things. Or to Chapinero, the spiritual home of Bogota’s hipsters, where you’re invited to do everything amazing before it’s cool in its many excellent bars and clubs. There’s also bohemian La Macarena, with its legion of great restaurants offering food from all around the world; and the village feel of Usaquen, with its fine dining and nifty crafts market.

Like all the great cities, though, if you travel to Bogotá you´ll find its true treasure to be its diverse and vibrant people. Bogotá is certainly a city going places, plural. Nobody really knows where these places are, but with their brash confidence, Bogatonos are doing their darnedest to make sure they’re nothing but good ones.

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Bogotá Essential Information

Bogotá Blog

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Bogotá Landmarks

  • Plaza Bolívar

    Plaza Bolívar

    Plaza Bolívar is the political and historical heart of Bogotá. There stands the statue of Simón Bolívar, the first public monument sculpted in 1846, as well as some of the most iconic buildings in Bogotá such as the Cathedral. A must-see. Read more

  • Museo del Oro

    Museo del Oro

    Bogotá’s incredible Gold Museum has the largest collection of pre-Hispanic gold artefacts in the world. There are several floors dedicated to the collection which also includes pottery, wood, shell, stone and textiles. Read more

  • Monserrate


    At 3,152 metres above sea level, Monserrate is a pilgrimage destination and the best place to view the sprawling city of Bogotá. Walk, catch the train or take the góndola up to truly appreciate that this is the third largest city in South America. Read more

Hot to get to Bogotá

Cartagena from $197,000

Santa Marta from $225,000

Cali $197,000

Medellin from $87,000

All prices are one way and are correct as of 14/11/12 flying via LAN.

International (prices subject to change due to season)
Madrid: $2150 Delta

Paris: $2085 Avianca/Iberia

Miami: $616 Avianca

New York: $624 Jetblue Airways

Sydney: $2220 Qantas/Avianca

Cali to Bogotá - 10 hours, $50,000 - $80,000

Cartagena to Bogotá - 18 hours, $90,000 - $120,000

Manizales to Bogotá - 9 hours, $35,000

Medellín to Bogotá - 9 hours, $35,000 - $65,000

Santa Marta to Bogotá - 19 hours, $90,000 - $120,000

Bogotá Tours

  • Bogotá Short Breaks

    Bogotá Short Breaks

    Get to know Colombia's exciting capital with these Bogotá tours. You'll see all the major landmarks, learn about the city's captivating and sometimes troubled history, as well as enjoy visiting some of Bogotá's best museums and galleries. Read more

  • Colombia In a Week

    Colombia In a Week

    Colombia is a huge country that would take a lifetime to fully explore. For those wanting a Colombia tour that don't have that much time, the Colombia In a Week tour will give you an unrivalled insight into the culture, history and beauty of the country. Read more

  • Discover El Dorado

    Discover El Dorado

    Nearby Bogotá is the beautiful and mysterious lake of El Dorado, where the famous legend began. This Bogotá tour will give you a fascinating history of the lake, its neighbouring village Guatavita, and show you around Colombia's bustling capital, Bogotá. Read more

Bogotá Hotels

  • The Cranky Croc Hostel

    What we look for most in a hostel, apart from cleanliness and hot water, is the people. And, although it is always a lottery as to what the... See more

  • The Explora Hostel

    Big  and communal enough to have a good opportunity to meet cool fellow travelers, while small enough to ensure things don’t get too... See more

  • BH El Retiro Bogota Hotel

    BH El Retiro

    BH El Retiro is a sleek, modern hotel with all the mod-cons. It is located near to Zona Rosa, so guests can easily head out for food drinks... See more

Bogotá Restaurants

  • La Jugueteria

    As you climb up one of the streets  in the funky Macarena district, you’ll find  a building on the corner that seems just like every... See more

  • La Goya Restaurant Bogota

    Goya By La Barra

    La Goya, located in Zona G, offers some of the finest Spanish cuisine in Bogotá. Recently renovated after 50 years serving hungry Bogotanos... See more

  • Wok restaurant Bogotá 1


    Wok is a bit of an institution in Bogotá. From curries to sushi to spring rolls, Wok offers a huge selection of pan-Asian cuisine at an aff... See more

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