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Tayrona National Park

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Tayrona National Park

An age before others first found out about the natural and cultural treasures at their disposal, the Tayrona National Park now named after them was home to the Tayrona people. They knew a thing or two about how best to live in lush, mountainous tropical jungle fringed by brilliantly blue ocean and exquisite Tayrona beaches – as horrible as all that sounds.

It has taken the rest of the world significantly longer to catch on, but now people are starting to get the idea. So much so, in fact, that in the high season (December to February), the more sought-after spots in the Tayrona National Park are generally jam-packed. What these prospective beach-bums are after is what the Tayrona people always knew; this area’s intoxicating blend of sand, mountain, sea and rainforest.

All in all, Tayrona National Park is an enchanting place blessed with stunning natural beauty and haunted with the aura of its distant past. It’s not hard to fall in love with its lush trees, sparkling beaches, and easy-going pace. Take your time to take it all in, do nothing, and relax. It won’t be that hard to do, after all.

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Tayrona National Park Essential Information

Tayrona National Park Blog

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Tayrona National Park Landmarks

  • El Pueblito

    El Pueblito

    A pleasant hike into Tayrona's beautiful jungles that leads to an ancient indigenous village. Read more

  • El Cabo de San Juan

    El Cabo de San Juan

    Tayrona's backpacker paradise is the focal point for many travellers, and undoubtedly the most iconic point in the national park. Read more

Hot to get to Tayrona National Park

The closest airport to Tayrona Park is Santa Marta. Flights are available to Santa Marta from Bogotá from $$108,000COL and Medellin from $120,000COL. All prices are one way and are correct as of 28/01/2013 flying via LAN.

International flights:
Madrid: $1112 Avianca
Paris: $2669 LAN
Miami: $764 LACSA
New York: $614 LAN
Sydney: $2617 Qantas/LAN

The best and quickest way to get to Tayrona is via Santa Marta. Either fly or catch a bus to Santa Marta where you will be able to find buses which run directly to Tayrona National Park. Buses from Santa Marta take approximately one hours and around 11km.

Bus tickets can be bought directly from the bus terminals (Terminal de Transporte) or can bought from the bus carriers.

Tayrona National Park Tours

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  • Tayrona Short Breaks

    Tayrona Short Breaks

    No break in Tayrona is ever really long enough, but a taste of paradise is better than none. Acres of sand, rugged coastline and wild jungle await you. Read more

Tayrona National Park Hotels

  • Don Pedro Camping

    If the greatest level of distraction you’re after once you get to the Caribbean utopia of Tayrona is the occasional thud of a falling... See more

  • Tayrona Camping

    Picture this: camping in a tropical Paradise, where dense jungle meets idyllic golden sands, secluded bays and warm Caribbean sands. Sound l... See more

  • Sunset in Tayrona

    Las Cabañas

    Las Cabañas in Tayrona are the middle ground between luxury and going rough. Situated on Arricifes beach, you can look out onto the ocean f... See more

Tayrona National Park Restaurants

  • Cabo San Juan Restaurant

    Whiling away the hours in the blistering Caribbean heat, lounging on prehistoric rocks or golden sands and getting bronzed up can make you p... See more

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